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Small home appliance industry slowdown in need a vacation type treatment
Date:2012-04-03 Count:1139

     Recently in the industry to discuss more small home appliance industry, there is no lack of among them a voice say small home appliance industry began to "decline", began to "recession", I don't agree with this view.

     Small home appliance industry really met many development bottleneck, although the "eleventh five-year plan" period, China's small home appliance in global export market to keep the 60% of shares, as the world's most of the main production base of small home appliance, and therefore in Europe and the debt crisis triggered global recession of the environment, affected is deeper, the export business had decreased, and the small home appliance of our country enterprise many are becoming the OEM, suffer more. In addition, the small home appliance industry into the threshold low, standard loss, homogeneity serious problems with the high speed development and industry gradually after exposure and shows more negative effects, especially the quality problem with consumers from an earlier violet arenaceous pot events, to last year's oil events, quality door events, though there is false, quality problems and frequent still made consumers to small home appliance brand of trust lost points.

     However, even if has a lot of problems, even if meet the temporary difficulties, now think small home appliance industry began to decline, began to decline or slightly arbitrary. First of all, the potential market or some. There is a "popular" contrast, euramerican developed country with an average of 40 kinds of small home appliance to ownership in China, and even in large and medium-sized cities, with an average of less than ten top small home appliance, as people life level of ascension, and speed up the process of urbanization, the domestic small home appliance market or have a big consumption space.

     Second, the small home appliance to meet domestic enterprise development after the bottleneck, also began to change, turning, professional small home appliance enterprise way more walk more narrow after, also began looking for diversified development, such as JiuYang expand the kitchen small home appliance nutrition and water home appliance area; The original heavy weight of speed scale enterprise, began to the structure, heavy profits, such as beauty,, streamline personnel, adjusting structure, transformation and upgrade. In the wave of enterprise in the industry slump can't live, be eliminated, natural selection is the natural evolution, be helpful for the integration of production, and domestic small home appliance enterprise more original with low price go quantity win, lack of innovation and design products in the market, relatively low, now, domestic small home appliance enterprises have to raise their brand image, focus on innovation and quality, put out a series of high-end products of higher profit margin in......

     These are the domestic small home appliance enterprise positive shift, as you can imagine, in industry after spent low tide, the cumulative effects play in the process, and the development of the whole industry will bring great promotion.

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