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2012 home appliance market overall encounter cold 3 D TV contrarian rise
Date:2012-04-03 Count:1054

     The Spring Festival in 2012 "to the old change new" policy to exit the market of household appliances overall encounter cold, but 3 D TV but 3 D broadcasting channel by the influence of the woes. Industry insiders point, after more than a year of development, 3 D TV products and market has gradually matured, 3 D channel for the premiere of 3 D TV provides stable source program, stimulate the 3 D TV market overall outbreaks.

     2011 3 D TV market is yet to mature. GFK (China) data shows, in the third quarter of 2011 domestic 3 D LCD TV retail for 1.07 million sets, annulus comparing growth of 121%. However, shock of 3 D effect for market enough confidence, sources is always the 3 D TV development bottleneck. In 2012, New Year's day 3 D broadcasting channel, transit appear.

     Current 3 D TV in the heat of the still continue. Reporter visit after the Spring Festival, found that stores, part 3 D TV before consumers stagger consumption peak and hope in the off-season, after new products before listing cleans out cheaper 3 D TV, but the choice is very narrow. Industry insiders explanation, the first 3 D broadcasting channel, each brand promotion certain trendency 3 D TV, sales promotion efforts to strengthen, 3 D TVS shipped very impressive.

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