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Electrical appliances product delay on the standard ideal still need to shine into reality
Date:2012-04-03 Count:1122

     The home appliance delay, is domestic home appliance market in recent years on the emergence of a service way, just as its name implies is to extend the warranty period of electrical appliances, it is according to the existing electric the warranty period is shorter and bring out a service, consumers in buy home appliance, then the cost of the amount pay range, it can in home appliance 3 packets expires continue to enjoy the corresponding free services.
     In recent years about the service complaints home appliance delay was increasing, December 1,, by the China household appliance maintenance services association released the home appliance delay the service standard of formal introduction, is the first law of the delay service standards and make home appliance delay in the future, according to the rising in. As early as in 2007, have introduced a similar sellers service project. Gome in since 2008 in the nationwide comprehensive promotion "home security" delay the   products. Since then, su ning electric equipment introduced a "sunshine line". But, due to the lack of unified the industry standard, the service level irregular, many non-standard manufacturer and shops and even make word game, exaggerated the effects and the delay means consumer fraud, seriously hindered the services of home appliance delay benign development.

     Everyone's electricity more suited to delay the service

     Due to the large electric use frequency is taller, vulnerable, therefore, more suitable for the big electric extension service. With commonly used for home appliances, TV, washing machine, computer product warranty period is generally one to three years, to the delay, maybe just to meet with the machine has small problems, so it's worth it.

     Industry experts say, now of the air conditioner manufacturers warranty period in general are seven to 10 years, refrigerator this kind of product long-term in working conditions, but not easy to a problem. Have some renewal speed of small home appliance, mobile phones, to delay the price is not high, to see the specific needs of consumers.

     It is difficult to enforce more good policy questions

     The home appliance delay the standard service "releasing change the original delay the service market threshold, the low of the present situation of the words say, buyers can advance pay cost of commodity extended after free warranty period, however, all kinds of home appliance delay the service product is numerous, also have to separate" delay protect "and product" 3 packets ", let the consumer is difficult to distinguish, the service of home appliance delay the development of adverse effects. Before the delayed in the "free maintenance" is the most attract customer service, but although maintenance free, consumers will pay rather high accessories fee.

     At the same time, although business under the banner of maintenance free, but repeat the problem of maintenance also many, often is the door a and can't completely solve problem users, manufacturers and sell mutual bitching things happen often, to delay the services to become a "poor".

     New standard requirement home appliance delay the service employees have relevant qualification, and ask the home appliance provider to the delay in the enterprise internal set up special maintenance account, prevent delay the service risk. And, the standard of contact for delay shipping protection insurance. But in the present system system, delay the docking insurance is a little difficult. Although the standard "releasing changed delay the service market threshold, the low of the present situation of the words say.

     In the company to provide delay, the home appliance delay the standard service "regulation, provide the party must be delayed and delayed the service contract signed consumers, and shall, in accordance with the related provisions of the insurance law, to have a legal insurance qualification insurance companies. And to extend the service provider home appliance needs to be in the enterprise internal set up special maintenance account, and through to the insurance company to insurance way, guard against the risks of the delay. Therefore, in most cases, delay BaoQi appliances is delayed by the seller and signing of the third party service institutions to provide, and many consumers think that the delay is the original manufacturers to provide, this often by mistake. And, delay the service in insurance inside what kind plant, also have the debate. Delay the launch home appliance businessmen and the insurance company take how insurance cost to reach an agreement, abide by the terms what insurance products, is a industry blank. The personage inside course of study says, although a lot of insurance companies, "homes" products related to household appliances, but for the delay in home appliance "excessive use" content is the grounds of. Therefore, the delay period of the home appliance whether to belong to "excessive use" is difficult to define, this is an example of difficult docking. At present the insurance and not to delay the negotiations on products and home appliance supervision, such as the need to extend the service intervention, the need insurance regulators research new products and new regulations formulated.

     Meanwhile, home appliance delay the service belongs to household electrical appliance industry standards, and no compulsory legal effect, and delay the lack of relevant laws and regulations of the regulation, the short term is difficult to curb some interests speculators "fish in troubled waters", etc, so the short term executive up still has the certain difficulty.

     In addition, the expert reminds, home appliance delay the service industry is still short of related laws and regulations regulation, the association standard can rise to self-discipline function, hard to avoid has speculators scrambled the industry's order. Consumer is buying delay the service, be sure to see clear agreement, to extend the scope, time limit, fault responsibility definition, accept insurance unit must pay special attention.

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