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Hisense won China audio-visual industry three of the most authoritative award
Date:2012-04-03 Count:1070

     A few days ago, by China in video industry association, the "2011 China audio and video industry technology and application trends BBS" on, hisense with leading technology innovation ability, in the intelligent TV leader in layout and perfect intelligent construction industry should, with one action include "2011 China audio and video industry technology innovation", "2011 China audio and video industry product innovation" and "2011 China audio and video industry application innovation" all three awards, become the most won prizes of the brand.

     Perfect intelligent ecological system layout, hisense win first

     Since 2011, China's digital audio and video industry, network, wireless, fusion tendency obvious, "intelligent Internet" become the focus on new hot spot, China audio and video industry development is beyond simple product link of the competition, with standard to as the core of the industrial chain and even the entire industry ecosystem competition.

     Hisense as China in the field of audio representative enterprise, has continued eight years at the first flat industry, since this year, hisense takes the lead in intelligent transformation started a new change of domestic color television industry, drive the intelligent TV ecological system comprehensive upgrade. In may this year, hisense released the world's first personal intelligent TV I 'TV; In September, hisense batch launch with "more screen interaction" function characteristics of the cloud intelligent TV. In less than a year time hisense have realized intelligent era "the family is big, personal hasten small" systemic product layout.

     In hisense in planning, through the overall development of the intelligent product line, perfect intelligent TV operating system, intelligent TV business and application of rich and based on intelligent TV platform development synthesis operation services multifaceted work, make up the intelligence should be strong again, in the industry layout on leading realization.

     More interactive screen, hisense intelligent TV highly recognized by the market

     This prize in the three hisense series products, for example, hisense personal intelligent TV I 'TV, because its first realized DaBing spread small screen, the small screen DaBing function, make "more screen interaction", "collaborative mutual preach" to become a reality, let the user to achieve a truly anywhere, at any time, with, at the, moving to watch television; Hisense XT710 series cloud intelligent TV application of independent research and development HiTV-OS operating system and is compatible with the Android operating system, make a completely open application has stores; Hisense K510 series intelligent TV narrow frame design, with a 3 D body feeling the functionality, digital body function, wireless preach screen etc. Function. Not long ago, hisense XT710 series and K510 series intelligent TV both won the highest grade of the 5 star international IQ certificate, be on the market this year of the most popular color television intelligent TV products.

     In intelligent TV market promotion, hisense individual intelligence by TV I 'TV, XT710 series intelligent TV and other components of the cloud of strong of a new generation of intelligent TV, to meet the different needs of individuals and families, get consumers and the height of the market acceptance. Especially the between each other with "more interactive screen, wireless connections" function, and become a new generation of intelligence hisense TV's unique advantages.

     According to the Chinese consumer electronics industry development center of the expected, in 2012 China intelligent TV market penetration of will reach 15%, 45% for 2015, intelligent TV will be the future China a few years on the market hot color TV sets mainstream. According to the statistical data of kang yi shows that by the year 2011 in September, hisense LCD TV sales, retail sales share was 15.83% and 15.05% respectively; Hisense intelligent TV sales, retail sales share is 21.3% and 20.0% respectively, intelligent TV on the market in China is far ahead.

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