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2016 digital TV family volume will China accounts for about a quarter of 1.19 billion
Date:2012-04-03 Count:1126

     According to foreign media reports, according to the British market Research company Digital TV Research (Digital television Research) Research published on Sunday report in 2016, said the global equipped with Digital TV families than 2010 will double. Global has more than 30 countries will be totally popular digital TV sets.
The report said the 2016 global digital TV families will reach 1.19 billion a, cover 80% of family. By comparison, in 2010 the global digital TV penetration rate is 42.5%. This prediction is the company to 73 countries on the basis of the forecast.

     By the year 2016, the world will have 33 countries completely popular digital TV sets. And in December 2010, only Finland a country completely popularized the digital TV sets.

     The report predicts says, in 2010-2016 by the addition of 615 million digital TV families, 41.8% (256 million families) of the new digital home will have digital cable TV.

     To the end of 2016, the analogue TV families will decline to 297 million, penetration rate will be down to 20%. In contrast, 2010 analog TV families for 781 million, the penetration rate is 57.5%.

     By area statistics, the Asian nation is the digital television the fastest growing market. In the use of digital TV 613 million families, the region will account for 388 million.

     The report says that in 2010 China has become a global digital TV home users most populous country. By 2016, China digital TV families will account for a quarter of the world, followed by the United States and India.

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